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SmartClinic 4.0 Plus X

is a Complete Clinic Management System. It covers the complete work flow a GP (General Practitioner) and Specialist Clinics. This user friendly yet comprehensive software solution will save tremendous amount of work load for the clinics.
Price: $899.00

SmartClinic4.0 is a Comple With this great tool, clinics can drastically reduce the administration and management hassle and dedicate their time to providing quality healthcare services.

Without proper control  on cash collection, drugs inventory & claims submission (billing) any medical practice can lose substantial income based on services rendered.

" SmartClinic is by far the most comprehensive Clinic Management & Panel Billing Software in the market to date. I have evaluated and used other applications but none compares to the level of user friendliness & flexibility SmartClinic has achieved. " 

A brief summary of SmartClinic features:

  • Quick & hassle free registration of patients
  • Manage your Patient Profiles
  • Manage your Patient History Data
  • Manage your Patient queue
  • Manage your Patient refer from each module
  • Manage Doctor diagnosis, investigation, treatments and medications 
  • Preload ICD-10 , ICD-9 lookup table for faster diagnosis classification
  • Fast and Easy by Re-Med or Formula Med function
  • Easy to adjust drug dosage case by case
  • Manage Patient Image, Diagnostic mark
  • Capture & assign images from any imaging devices to the patient records
  • Compare Patient in term of Before & After
  • Manage Patient Appointment 
  • Manage & track your cash collection
  • Manage pharmacy & prescriptions
  • Manage drugs & inventory by real time  updated.
  • Manage Patient Payment
  • Update and keep track payments due & received from panels
  • Printable Receipt, Drug Label, Medical Certificate, Prescription, Appointment
  • Completed Report: Patient, Income, Inventory, Appointment, CRM Etc.
  • Software system  Setting
  • Full and Flexible Setting
  • Expandable from Stand Choose from our professional website Alone Clinic  to Poly Clinic or Network Clinic by unlimited unit.
  • Plug & Play with any accessories: Barcode reader, Cash Drawer, Receipt printer, Drug Label Printer, Finger Scan

SmartClinic 4.0 - Main Features:

General features

  • User friendly Graphical Interface
  • Applicable to GPs and Specialist clinics
  • Clear & straight forward workflow
  • Short leaning curve & training requirement
  • Mature software application, tested and adopted by over 3000 clinics nationwide
  • Effective training materials & user manual
  • On-line software update
  • Remote Support  & Training
  • Flexible search to retrieve patient records, charges history , MC history & etc

1.   Patient Module

  • Quick & Hassle free cash & panel patient registration
  • Quick search & registration by manual or Finger Scan
  • Flexible search for existing patients
  • Support registration of family members, spouse and dependents
  • Capturing of allergies and medication history during registration
  • Patient Label printing
  • Patient card / cover printing
  • Activation and termination of patients

Patient Queue

  • Flexible patient search & adding into waiting queue
  • Supports multiple consultation rooms & doctors
  • Clear indication patient status in the queue (Waiting, dispensary, cashier, completed) 

2. Doctor Module

  • Full view of previous visit history of the patient
  • Previous diagnosis, investigation, treatments and medications
  • Previous medical leave information & charges
  • Instant access to patient eligibility information (for panel patients)
  • Preload ICD-10 , ICD-9 lookup table for faster diagnosis classification
  • Fast and easy entry of medication notes, diagnosis, investigation and symptoms.
  • Immunization & Antenatal schedules related calculation tools  (BMI calculator, %Body Fat, KKOS & etc) 
  • Flexible search of medications using drug name, trade name, popular name and etc.
  • Fast and Easy by Re-Med or Formula Med function
  • Easy to adjust drug dosage case by case
  • Flexible Patient Re-Check from Payment Module
  • Quick add of list of medication from pre-selected list (packages)
  • Instant drug availability status  for both locations (pharmacy & store)
  • Allergy warnings while prescribing medication
  • Automated dosage, frequency and instruction for the selected drug
  • Flexible and automated drug price, Lab, Treatment computation
  • Printing of medication and Appointment labels
  • Capture & assign images from any imaging devices to the patient records
  • Compare Patient in term of Before & After
  • Create unlimited patient related documents using document designer (Referral letters, lab results etc)
  • Printing medical leave certification, attendance sheet and etc. 

3. Payment Module

  • Pharmacy & Prescription
  • Option to print medication labels
  • Real time drug inventory updates
  • Allergy & Expiry warnings
  • Supports bar code scanning for fast drug entry
  • Appointment label Printing
  • Printing medical leave certification, attendance sheet and etc.
  • Comprehensive data entry of cash collection
  • Accepts cash, credit card , debit card as payment mode
  • On demand receipt printing 
  • End of the day / end of the shift cash collection reports
  • Optional interface to cash register and receipt printer 

4. Inventory Module

  • Complete drug information
  • Flexible classification of drugs by drug type (general drug, vaccine, poisonous, psychotropic, others)  and drug grouping
  • Assignment and linkage to preferred supplier
  • Drug information with multiple reference – trade name, popular name, chemical name and etc
  • Assignment of default cost price, selling price
  • Default minimum, maximum and reorder level
  • Assignment of default dosage, frequency, and instruction.
  • Stock balances at store and pharmacy.
  • Printing for medication bar code & general labels.
  • Tracking of drug expiry dates 
  • Entry of received drugs from supplier
  • Receiving of drugs to multiple location (store & pharmacy)
  • Capturing of drugs batch number & expiry dates
  • Drugs movement from store to pharmacy & vice versa
  • Drugs movement between branches
  • Accurate stock taking & adjustment
  • Stock movement records
  • Alerts & reports for drug which fall into reorder level

  • Supplier Billing & Administration
  • Capturing of supplier invoices
  • Payment advise & payment entry
  • Complete supplier outstanding reports & statement of accounts

5. Report

  • Panel / Corporate Client Information
  • List of Doctors
  • List of Diagnosis
  • List of Treatments
  • List of Symptoms
  • List of Allergies
  • List of Drugs
  • List of Suppliers
  • Comprehensive contact details (general, billing, administration & medical management)
  • Capturing of various eligibility & entitlement details
  • Over 100 transaction & management reports  Listings
  • Patient Visit & Related Transactions
  • Drug & Inventory Related Reports

6. Setting

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Security, User Administration & Database Management
  • Flexible and Easy information
  • Flexible and user definable access levels for each function & reports.
  • Active backup/restore  features

Additional Service

  • SMS integration for patient reminders
  • Supports barcode scanning, label printers,  barcode printers (Plug & Play)
  • Additional customization on request
  • Data migration from existing software (from other vendor)*
  • Integration to on-line claims submission
  • Integration of group clinics